Posted By Oceanview Web Manager on March 9, 2017

Love is sweet, and so is the cake at weddings! A delicious treat is just what your guests need before they dance the night away! Whether you prefer a traditional tiered wedding cake, a display of cupcakes, or something that is totally outside the box you can bring you’re a special touch to your wedding day with your choice in dessert. Here are some of our favorite wedding desserts!

1. The Cannoli Cake
This spectacular cannoli cake still has the tiered elegance of a traditional wedding cake, but gives guests something a little different! Having the top tier a small cake still allows for the traditional cake cutting ceremony.

Memont-Wedding-277cannoli cake

2. The “Naked” Cake
For that Bride & Groom who want to have their cake, but not too much frosting!


naked cake


3. Berry Wedding Cake
Instead of decorating the cake with fresh flowers, add berries for a pop of color!

berry cake 1

berry cake 2

4. Cupcake Cake
Why limit yourself to just one cake? Have a variety of little cakes and let your guests pick their favorite flavor!!

cupcake cake 1

cupecake cake 2

5. The Donut Wedding Cake
This is a great alternative to cake for an afternoon wedding, think about doing cider donuts for a fall wedding!


donut cake


6. Ocean Wedding Cake
With an ocean front venue we see a lot of different ocean themed wedding cakes, it’s a great way to connect to your wedding theme.


seaglass cake


7. Ombre Wedding Cakes
Can’t pick one shade for your wedding cake? Then don’t! Have your cake change from top to bottom of your wedding color.

ombre cake

OV teal rope cake logoed


8. Metallic Wedding Cakes
The beautiful shine on these wedding cakes is sure to stand out.

metallic cake1

metallic cake 2


9. Classic Wedding Cake
A beautiful simple and classic wedding cake always look amazing!

simple cake 1

simple cake 2